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2020/02/14 writing and translation by “ S.kamizaki ”
& English checker “Nika”

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This time, I will introduce items
that are very important for writing Tea’s post and tasting notes.

One bottle is equipped with tea space,
extraction space and storage space…
This allows you to freely control the taste of tea!!!

When making tea, the aroma can be trapped inside the bottle,
unlike the traditional teapot…
Great item!!

Introducing the ” TWISTEA” teabottle !!


* Vitantonio *


【 About this product 】

♢ Home Country ♢
《 Japan 🇯🇵 》
♢ Release company ♢
《 Vitantonio 》
♢ Size * approximately ♢
《 Diameter 6.7 cm × height 20.5 cm, weight 330 g 》
♢ Capacity ♢
《380ml [Upper part 290ml ・ Lower part 90ml]》
♢ Material ♢
《 Body / Tritan [ Saturated polyester resin ]
   Lid / polypropylene Filter / stainless 》
♢ Country of origin ♢
《 China 》
♢ Heat and cold resistance temperature ♢
Main unit : Heat resistance temperature 100 ℃,
Cold-resistance temperature -20 ℃,
Lid : Heat-resistant temperature 130 ° C,
Cold-resistant temperature -20 ° C,
Packing : Heat resistance temperature 200 ℃,
Cold-resistance temperature -20 ℃ 》


[ What is TWISTEA ? ]

“ Twist the bottle → Taste keep
Tea bottle to start delicious ”

By. Official special site

TWISTEA is an unprecedented tea-only bottle
proposed by Japanese kitchen appliances brand Vitantonio!

This TWISTEA has been my favorite item for over 2 years now.

When making with tea leaf …
With a normal teapot, I cannot stop at the best taste.
Cleaning up and maintenance are also difficult.
As a result,,,
even if I buy tea leaf and pots,
I will be less likely to make them…

And it’s much easier and cheaper to make with tea pack.
So when I make tea, I use tea pack.

Thus, the tea leaf lose their chance of being used.
In the end it will be thrown away without using it…

This TWISTEA is a really wonderful item
that has overcome many of its risk points!!


【 Perfect for Tasting Item ♪】

I am a Japanese tea coordinator.

Therefore, TWISTEA is very useful
for studying tea and writing tasting notes !!

Tea has an optimal brewing time
depending on the type and drinking style.

Black tea takes 3-5 minutes to brew.
Milk tea takes longer…
Spices and fruit tea take 8-10 minutes.

This TWISTEA can be timed by separating the extraction space.
When making black tea,
You can again make a cup of tea at the same tea leaf !
Because there are still enough components in the tea leaf!!


【 How to make my TWISTEA’s tea 】
♢ Things to prepare ♢

TWISTEA : 1 bottle
Black tea leaf : 5g
Boiling water over : 250 ml or more

*This time, I use:
Traditional English Blend ” ( By TeaTotal )
Check this post for this tea!
“British traditional blend
with rich aroma and a slightly bitter taste ”

*About the water used, avoid hard water.
If possible, extract with soft water
( hardness of no more than 40 mg / L )
You can extract the aroma and taste
from the tea leaf into the water better ♪


♢ First step : warm the Bottle and cup !♢

Remove the filter from the lower extraction space.
Once the lid of the space is tightly closed,
add boiling water to warm the bottle.
And once you have warmed the bottle well,
pour the hot water into the cup to warm the cup as well.

When the tea is ready,
discard the hot water from the cup,
And pour the tea into the already warmed up cup.

* This process is important to make delicious tea.
Pouring hot water into a cold bottle wastes the hot water.
And it makes the environment not good for tea leaf.
But it’s not necessary.
Please try it if you have time.


♢ Second Step : Let’s set tea leaf on the filter ! ♢

Put the tea leaf in the TWISTEA’s filter.
You can just measure the amount of tea with a teaspoon.
However, in my case, because I was a pastry chef,
every time I measure, I do it in grams.

By the way,,,
when making tea with TWISTEA,
I measure based on
“5 g for black tea”
“2.5 g for herbal tea”
“10 g for fruit and spice tea“

Adjust according to the type of tea
and the content of the blend.

Once the tea leaf are in the filter,
set them in the extraction space and close tightly !!

*This part can be replaced with a tea pack !!
No stainless steel filters are used.
Cut the base of the tag,
taking care not to loosen the knot of the tea pack.
Put this in the extraction space.


♢ Third Step : Pour boiling water over and make favorite taste tea ! ♢

Twist the bottle and make sure
the gate connecting the two spaces is properly closed.
Then pour boiling water into the upper space.
The amount is up to the scale of Max just about 250ml.

*This is the amount
that many tea brands use in delicious tea recipes.
Especially for tea pack,
it is considered to be the best amount for one serving.

Then close the top lid
and twist the bottle to open the gate.
Then hot water flows into the extraction space.

At this time,
remove air from the extraction space while turning the bottle!
Then the tea leaf dance with the filter,
you can make delicious tea !

And start the timer,
Wait until the tea is ready…

When it’s time, turn the bottle upside down,
it will pour the extracted tea down!!

When you have finished pouring all the tea,
twist the bottle and close the gate.

And upside down,
the delicious tea was ready ♬

*This time i prepared a strong blended tea,
with the extraction time of 4 minutes.


♢ Finish : Let’s tea time ♪ ♢

When it’s ready, open the lid and bring your nose closer.
Then the aroma trapped in the bottle is released,
and you can enjoy the deep aroma of the tea ♫

Pour the tea into a warm cup !!
Have a nice tea time (*´ω`*) ✨


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